Have you ever been in a place that you couldn’t explain how you feel? You know you are not alone in this feeling. I’m am currently in that place. I have been in Church for years. Like anyone who has grown up under a certain denomination, you have instilled morals and values that guide you. Problem is sometimes you can feel alone in a big world, while trying to maintain this lifestyle. I am on a journey, its different, it is not going to pretty, but with God’s help. The journey will have a fantastic ending. I hope you will join me, sometimes we are going to laugh, and cry. I’m a Pisces, so crying is how function. I want to talk with you about everything. life lessons, life questions, no telling how deep we may go into a subject. Hopefully someone can be helped as well.

Why do this? Why write a blog?🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Someone may need some help, they are not willing to admit to others that they need. You may need survival tips, or a person to say ” Look, I get it, I hear you but have you considered this”.
  • No one has opened a blog for people like me, with the intention of just being honest about life growing up in church, without the unnecessary disrespect.
  • It has been on my mind, and I have decided to give it a go.
  • My Only Child Syndrome is in full effect, I need someone to vent too. Lol

All seriousness aside we are going to have fun, learn, and chat. Everyday, we are working to lock down a space in the new kingdom that Jesus has gone to prepare. God has been good to me, and sometimes the best help comes from a testimony.

As they say in mostly all blk churches during the welcome address, we greet you once, we greet you twice, we greet you three times in the name our Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ. ✝🛐✝

– Dannie 👧🏾💜💜💜

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