Top 5 Fav Christmas Music

It’s Christmas, So Let’s talk about Christmas Music. I get great enjoyment from Christmas themed music…No scratch that “Christmas themed“. Music in general I enjoy, who am I kidding. Music is a need, I need it. It can redirect my emotions and mood. I can be angry or bored, and my favorite song can come on, and before the artist can belt the beginning verse. I am already moving my head, and shoulders to the beat. I am no longer angry, sad, emotional tired. This is my pain reliever. I decided I want to share a piece of me I enjoy. My gift to you. What is the saying…. The best Gifts are the ones we make, or something like that…

Anyway, Christmas music is timeless. There is about 30 official Songs, Sung 108 different ways by many our favorite artists. I under exaggerate but seriously the same songs, song different ways but I am not complaining… Here are my Top 5 of my favorite Christmas Songs. Enjoy!

Mary Did You Know? Sang by: The Braxtons; Danny Gokey

Mary Did You Know, a holiday classic. These artists will make you sit wonder. Did Mary truly know how great her son would be? This is the child of God. Her baby would grow up, and save this sinful human race by sacrificing himself.

O Holy Night Sang By: Ms.Christmas Herself {Mariah Carey}

Oh Holy Night is my Favorite because nothing gives me greater pleasure than to sang this one line with emotion. FALL ON YOUR KNEES, OH HEAR THE ANGELS VOICES…..

Go Tell It on the Mountain by Morgan Harper Nichols

I love this version, it has everything I need. A good hymn, a dope beat, and I can sing /yell “Go tell it on the mountain”, in my car without judgement. Lol What else do you need?

All I want for Christmas is my TWO FRONT TEETH 😂😂😂😂

I just find this enjoyable, plus I believe her.

Snow Miser and Heat Miser Song from The Year without a Santa Claus

This is a family favorite. ABC Family (Freeform) is something my family enjoys watching on Christmas. These christmas shows like “The Year without a Santa Claus” are my favorite Christmas tradition. (I used to be heartbroken when we younger, and we had like a Christmas church service. Somehow, I always missed this show) Thank God for Streaming Services. LOL! Happy Holidays Everyone, and May God Bless You and Your Families. If you want drop your favorite Christmas song below.

Image by Biljana Jovanovic from Pixabay 
December 2019

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