Its my Birthday…Turning Twenty-Fine….Ok 29πŸ€—

Picture this…There I am boarding a plane. I look at my ticket, and began to shake from the nerves. Well I am usually shaking like a leaf but this time it is not from hand tremors. This is pure excitement, and a piece of “Girl, what are you doing” mixed together nerves. I can’t believe it. I am greeted by a flight attendant. I graciously look around, as I find my seat. I put my Louis Vuitton Speedy 40 on the floor. “Don’t cringe, it will be fine.” I sit down, and feel the cool leather beneath me. I wiggle into the seat, because this is luxury, and we have to enjoy every experience God grants us. I began to say Thank ya, in my mind, as I look around. So, this is First Class. Then, I hear others began to board. I pull out my tablet, and make sure I have enough things downloaded for my entertainment. Soon, I buckle me in, and watch the attendant as they instruct me how, and safety procedures. Then ding. “We are expecting clear skies, Arriving in London at 8 am.” I tilt my head back, and began to silently pray as the plane begins to reverse. I do not stop praing for safety, and that this plane will stay in the sky, and not disappear into the bermuda triangle never to be seen or heard from again, until the plane levels in the air. Okay, now I can relax, we made it. We are doing fine. I unclench my freshly done Coffin shaped, gel nails from the leather arm rest. I peak out my right eye to see if anyone witnessed my moment of panic. Let out a relief sigh. Get myself together. Would you like a drink ma’am? Oh no I am fine. I answer quickly. I’m still a bit nervous, but I came prepared. I reach in my purse, and pulls out a 20 oz Cold Coca-Cola. I read the label. Share with a “Friend”. Well I can do that, I have known me for such a long time. I do like my company sometimes, so that makes me my own friend. So fast foward, and I make it safe and sound to London. Thinking this will be the best birthday trip/gift ever. πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚βœˆβœˆβœˆ

Beautiful story right, see that was a dream I had when I was planning my birthday back in October. Now lets talk about REALITY…

I made my first ever massage therapy appointment. IT was AMAZING. The hot towels was my favorite part, and when I felt her elbow slide across my back.πŸ€”πŸ€¨πŸ˜©πŸ˜Œ When I tell you, I would pay for just an hour of those hot towels constantly being laid on my back. No rub down needed, just let me nap. Then after that adventure, I went to a British Cafe in the area. Got me a crumpet (my first one ever), and some other treats. Left there went to a building on the other side of the cafe. I bought me a medium pizza, and wings. I had the best pre-birthday ever. I STAYED IN THE HOUSE ALL DAY, and pigged out for two straight days. I forgot all my troubles. I didn’t answer the phone, I let my family sing happy birthday to my answer machine. It was really nice. I truly enjoyed myself. Then that Saturday, one of my friends treated me to post-birthday brunch. So while I was not traveling first class to London. I still thank God for another year. It was a beautiful birthday, and I went to church that night. My birthday always seem to fall on church nights recently.

4 months ago. I would have planned a trip. Not knowing a virus would be spreading throughout different countries around this time. Who would want flu symptoms while in a foreign country for the first time trying to celebrate another year of life.πŸ€’πŸ€§ NOT ME, so I thank God for the planned things that did not happen. And all the unplanned things that did happen. 🀩

To all those February Babies, especially those born on 28th. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Do yourself a favor, and treat yourself to something nice, and different. It will be a blast. Happy Birthday to me and you! πŸ€—πŸ˜Ž

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