Peaceful Rant…Remember when all you cared about was stupid things like who cut you off in traffic, where you put that money you know you had? Now your health and sanity is at stake. You’re health because you don’t want to catch Code Name: COVID 19 aka Coronavirus aka Corona aka Rona. Your sanity because the world has turned inside out to keep it from spreading, and yet it is still spreading. And every five seconds the number of infected has changed. So I say to you all, Stay Safe, Protect your sanity by taking breaks from the news and social media, and just Pray. Only God can protect us now. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ If we have ever told God, “I don’t have enough time to serve you.” He has given us plenty of time now. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

Look out for my next post: Working from Home Full Time Chronicles. It my first week, and I am learning a lot.😩

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