Working From Home😏😧😭

I wanted this

I asked for this.

I sliently complained about not being able to do this. Ok and out loud as well.

Working from Home. Due to my job evolving into mostly electronic work, I have had no real need for working in my office. When I prayed to work from home who knew it would be under these conditions. I am going to be careful and specific in my prayers for now on.

So yes, I was really interested in working from home…But now!

Now, I don’t like the idea as much as I did before. Don’t judge me, because I am already judging myself.

No Thanks to this pandemic, I am one of the fortunate ones who still has employment. I am gracious for this, so take this post of pros and cons as a mild complaint.


1. Working from Home is becoming a chore. Before I would wake up and go get the laptop started excited. Not any more, I am almost three months in and over it. I roll over nearly twice a week contemplating taking the day off. Then I realize I haven’t gone anywhere, so why should I call out from work. Where am I going? It’s a mess, well I’m a mess.

2. These weekly conference calls, are awkward with my Coworker, Manager and Director. Its that moment when everyone runs out of something to say, so to remove the awkward then they ask something stupid instead of ending the call. How’s it going? How was your weekend? Stale, we are still on lockdown. I’m not telling you the only time I get out is to go through the drive thru at Popeyes and KFC. Those are private trips I take for my stomach and sanity. 😫😫😎😎

3. I have to cook my own meals, and I miss the cafe. I miss paying someone to cook my meals, and then talking about the chef cooking skills. “I know a dry pizza when I see one.” I really miss the part of ordering a cheesesteak combo from a local spot near the hospital. So now, I have to cook and judge my own cooking.πŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸΎβ€β™€οΈ

4. I miss my desk and work ethic. I use to have a method. I knew how to get my productivity up, and spend time conversating with my coworkers. At home, I feel like I be working but nothing is getting accomplish; and productivity is like pulling teeth.

5. The noises. Listen, like most Health Information departments we are in the basement. No windows means I don’t know about the weather or about the outside world until I come upstairs for food or to go home. Working from home is the total opposite. I know when it rains, hail, sleet or the sun is shining. I can hear the birds chirping, the wind blowing the trees. I can hear postal delieveres, lawns being caught and bi-weekly car collusions. The distractions have quadruapled since I have been home. My anxiety is high, let me tell you.

6. I am not alone at home anymore. God bless those of you with a spouse and/or children, or parents. Its one thing to be around someone for the last few hours in a day. A whole new category when it’s 24 hours, and you still have to give your employer their 8 hours or more.

So heres the thing I like most about being able to work home.

1. No more standing on my tippy toes checking over cubicles to see if the restroom is free. That’s right I have access to two different bathrooms. No need to do a lot of nervous, ” I hope it doesn’t smell in here, and if it does. I hope the next person don’t think I did it.” I can sit and scroll through my phone. TMI I know, but look don’t take your bathroom for granted.

2. I no longer have to listen to my manager get out her seat every five minutes. No longer do I hear her chunky low heel shoes hitting the plastic floor mat in a rhthym, in her cubicle. It sounds like a horse comstantly walking on hardwood floor, for those who are wondering why a person taping their heels in their cubicle is annoying. So I am free from that irritation, and her constant prescence.

3. I can go to sleep in my bed for lunch. I might eat a fulfilling breakfast and then take a nap for lunch. It’s wonderful, I mean I am smiling as I think about it.

4. Office Tempature is no longer a problem. No longer do I have to hear. It’s so hot or its too cold. No longer do I have to push through the different climates. I make the rules here at home, and I am the only person complaining.

5. Matching Pajamas is my new dress code. With matching slippers if I am trying to hold up a high standard in my living room/office. I do my hair once a week depending on how I feel.

6. Snacks, Soda, and more Snacks. I don’t have to explain that I am leaving my desk to hit the gift shop, and I no longer have to pay someone who is overcharging you for a bag of half product and half air. No, I send somebody to Sam’s Club for me, and I snack until my hearts content.

That’s all I can think off for now. Anybody else has pros and cons about working from home. Maybe you have a tip or two for us newbies. Please drop them below I need all the help I can get.

Be Safe Everyone.

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