Hamilton: Wait for it! πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Hamilton inspired post….

I could literally explode from excitement. I have been watching Hamilton every other week.

I love musicals…so far my favorites are Shrek the musical (I wore netflix out), Lion King and Hamilton. I have been blessed to see three musical live, and this year I was going to risk it all to see Hamilton when it came to my City. Due to the pandemic, theaters were shut down. But, the Lord spared my pockets, and allowed Disney+ to pick it up.

Favorite Character: George Washington

RUNNER UP: Aaron Burr, he was just trying to live his best life, and dude was just losing to Hamilton on every side.

Speaking of Aaron Burr, Sir…Leslie Odom leads a song called “Wait for it”. As I watched the musical for the 8th time. I heard pieces I could relate too.

Getting to the point of my post

See, I have these family members who made me question life a few times. Here’s why: I was told to go to school (college), get a degree, get a job, and you can buy whatever you want. So cool, I graduated college, and get my first career job, earning pennies. πŸ€”πŸ€”

Looked over my cousin who dropped out of high school, gets a job in healthcare with help from our family member. Now they are earning more than me. Then they were able to rent their own apartment. I was questioning Life, and God at that point. Like how? I followed the formula. My other cousin who gets a new job every other year has a car. I’m still walking to work. How???? What formula did they get, that I missed. How come I have had to sacrifice, work hard, and they are progressing faster than me. Not only am I am jealous, I am upset I want a nice paycheck, my own car and place toooooo.😒😒😒

Well, let me tell you what I know now that I missed back then. Everything isn’t from God.πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ I was looking on the physical, and became jealous. I should have never questioned being obedient. More importantly, I knew they were just winging at life. They had stopped coming to church, living however. But yet, I still thought: God I’m still here, not perfect but I am still trying to do as you tell me.

Newsflash: They obtained all these things, but they couldn’t keep them. Lost the jobs, cars, and apartment within months to a years’ time.

And for me, When the time was right, I found a job where I was paid for my degree, and experience. I purchased a car, and I’ve decided I would rather own not rent.

Waiting…Everything was in place for me. I just needed to wait. I realize how God works with me now. He knows I want something, and he prepares me to be able to handle it. Then when the time is right, he gives me what I need. I am glad for the song because it made me check myself. I know now I have to wait on my blessings from God. And I also learned its a waste to compare yourself to other people. Just live in your own lane, and if you want a home, cars, job, friends, or a spouse. Then ask God, just be prepared to wait for it.

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