The Preacher’s Rants

In one weekend, I was exposed to so called Church Leaders ranting online. Not only does watching the rants leave you clutching your pearls, but people do not find this disturbing. Maybe I am too old school, but watching a Bishop and Prophetess cursing, and sharing people sins, and business in an act of revenge isn’t acceptable. The other issue is that they are walking in the praise of people for doing this, and not the guilt. Which could prompt more false preachers to do this for the money, and 5 seconds of fame.

Yeah, I called them false. One person calls himself a Bishop. Literally dragged his pregnant, wife of seven months on facebook live. Then a church gossip blogger gave him a chance to explain himself the same day. Then at the end, the blogger, and followers cashapped this Bishop money to get a hotel room. Hold on best part this Bishop admits that he did time in prison (bad check writing), and recently took from a family owned business to pay bills. The only place to hire him after prison. Why bring it up, if He paid his debt to society you may ask. I have the right to keep my eye open for future schemes. Plus, he placed the blame on his wife who he admits works 3 jobs, and preaches. He lacked accountability. His only rmeorse was that his wife was a “Modern Jezbel that had embrassed him prior to the rant, because another preacher at a ordination service they had just attended, that he admitted his wife didn’t like because the preacher knew that she slept with some married man at some point in her life, acknowledged her during the service.” Did you catch that, I just summed up the first 10 mins of a 45 min video. Listen, I can’t judge a person, but I am going to make sure I stay aware, so that I will not be fooled because you have a Con Artist background. We are allowed to call these leaders to the carpet when they step out the line. They wanted to be Bishop, and Pastors. Thrse roles come with responsibilities. If you claimed God called you to Pastor others, how come he didn’t tell you how to pick a another wife without a history. Here he is boasting about having custom shoes and getting money by any means (right or wrong ways). People commenting his wife must be terrible… Praying for him…Something don’t sound right…He’s a BISHOP doing this??? His wife sounds narcissistic…He stole from his father funeral business??? Mind you the wofe has been quiet while he show off for people for donations.

Another woman weeks before this guy. Claimed she was hurt, and no longer holding anymore secrets. She too has the vocabulary of a teenager who feels good saying whatever out there mouths. She older woman she cried, people her called her while she was going off on live. Putting them on speaker, as she told them. How she wasn’t going to stop, and she was going to tell it all on this live. You’re a so called prophetess, how you get such a close connection with God, and do not know how to handle people turning their back on you. 🤔🤔🤔

There is nothing new under the sun…Alexander Hamilton for the sake of his legacy told of his affair in a pamphlet for all New York to read. He did not care about his family. He told it all. The guy labeled a Bishop didn’t care about his wife. He aired her out because he was unable to be “The Man” but wanted the respect in the relationship. She is older by a couple of years, good credit, and pretty. He is insecure, jobless, and broke. He even admits she preaches better. He was upset she treated him like an armour bearer at times. Still, how could you air out your wife, and not have remorse. I saw no Shame for how the internet community is dragging her. He was fine with that, but came on the bloggers show again to address the comments about his stealing from his father. SMH Protect my Legacy at all cost, Let the world rip my wife to shreds. Its disgusting to know that no one mines that he is doing this, A so called BISHOP.

The woman who is a prophetess says she was being done wrong. So now she was airing out secrets. Looked like she had lost her mind. However days later, she boasting that gospel artists were contacting her. She decided to come on the live again, and boast because she two felt justified in this horrible behavior. First of all, it shouldn’t be this many preachers with secrets of sleeping around. These people are sick and out of hand. They need a revival or something. If you can’t keep your pants on, maybe taking money from parishioners need to fall on the back burner for a while. Honestly, you can’t preach sin, because then you will be condemned. So most of your Messages are probably about how good God is, and if give 1000$ then God will give you double. But, this all my opinion, and observation. I can only Thank God for the truth. The truth hurts but its a blessing. I could be someone who thinks all this foolishness of ranting, was okay and nothing to worry about. The church building is so Carnal now until the “saints” are the exact replica of the sinners. In the Bible, It tells us to separate from the world. It tells us that we are peculiar. How can you be peculiar when everybody talks, and look the same? The people who are laying hands has as much sin in them, and on them as the one trying to get help. How can the help pray you out a situation, when they are suffocating in their own. Yes, let pray for the people above. Let’s pray more for those who are under their “leadership”. This is a mess. I think its time we admit that 2020 is not here for nothing. This pandemic came to wake us up. God is still real, and owed the respect. We have left the first love. Question is…Do I have time to get back. ESAU sought repentance, and could not find it. This scripture not only scared me, because he WILLINGLY gave up his birthright for food. He could have made his own food, and told his brother to go somewhere. He lost it all, and God did not forgive him.

What are you willing to trade your connection to God for? Are Pastor’s right to let loose on the internet? What would you do if this was the Pastor of your church on live?

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