Pandemic Laziness: My Natural Hair Care

Everyone in the world except people who lives off the grid, or in the amazon has been touched by the pandemic.

We have been on shut down, and we have asked ourselves after a slight sneeze or cough: Do I have it!? Did It Get Me?

We have been at home mostly…some of us… a few of us. Anyway, I have made excuses everyday. I have fallen into laziness, and made excuses about may things but, this topic is a real problem. MY NATURAL #2 THICK, TANGLED, DRY HAIR!

My Hair… needs care… constant…daily…. time consuming care. Up until July, I washing my hair every week. I was giving myself Aloe treatment. Of course, I had my YouTube natural hair influencers on weekly.

My hair has grown so much. So, what happen from July to now. Well I got lazy. I didn’t feel like doing my hair. Most importantly. I didn’t have to do it because, well…I AIN’T GOT NO WHERE TO GO. Lol

I am still working from home, I haven’t been physically in the church building since the second week of November. We are on conference call. “I will be making a post about that setup.” And my weekly trips to target, or out to home showings “this will be a series”😌😌 Its the only time, I try to look decent. So, I’ve lost my joy for doing my hair.

Before, I was motivated about doing my hair because I wanted growth. Lots and Lots of Growth. Youtube was that motivation. Looking at those before, and after videos with black and brown young ladies whose hair is now lush, full, and long. By the end of 10 minute video the spending began.

Hair Journey History

My last perm had been in May 2018, and I did not take care of my hair properly. I loved glue-in weaves.😩😩 If you have experience with that area. Glue is not honestly hair friendly. I went to the dominican salon in Jan and March 2019…Yeah I had major heat damage. So basically cancel all the transition time out before March “19 out. I cut the transition hair off Sept “19. My hair was really short.

Hair Journey Motivations

My hair growth journey since my “little chop” has been great. I have done so well. I notice a lot of growth after I straightened my hair for the first time in months since the chop. My relaxed barely used shoulder length. When I started my journey. I could not make a ponytail. 1 year later. I have nice full ponytail. I was quite impressed. So impressed I was like I am not washing this every week.

I went from washing my hair every saturday to “does my scalp itch, or does it have product flakes. Ok, Then I’ll wash it.”

I’ve lost my motivation because, I had gotten my hair to a decent length. I forgot that in order to maintain this length; I still had to do what I did to make it grow. So, back to aloe vera treatments, and biweekly washes. No more excuses, I can braid, or twist my hair up for a week or two. I am not doing anything time consuming these days. Plus, I have new motivations.

I want to have healthy hair, and long hair. So my new motivation is health. I also have dry hair, and it’s time to find a moisture regimen. Now I am ready for to get back on my natural hair journey.

Have you been lazy with your hair care, or have you been faithful? What is your hair motivations? What are somethings you want to achieve on your hair journey relaxed or natural?

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