Obsessively Worrying!😨😨

Read Matthew 6:25-33. Jesus tell us how the sparrow eats, the fowl, plants ,trees all survive because the Lord provides. They get what they need no stress necessary. Can you imagine how fun it would be to be less stressed?

I prayed for Peace. Especially in 2019 when my world had been shaken by new experiences. I had gone through some deep emotional trauma. I prayed and cried out for Peace. I wanted to be set free from the weight. I was so scared and worried. It felt like I was carrying the world on my shoulder. I know can relate.

Just so happens, those of us who care to be honest. We gave ourselves over to worrying. Not only was I worried about what was happening to others, I worried about myself. Its a obessession for me. Not just in this situation but for a good part of my life. I have became obessessively worrier. <- Is this a word maybe or maybe not. Anywho yes I get stuck on thinking about how, what who, and when. Until i began going over until I am either depressed, stressed or unhappy. I am trying to solve things that I know I don’t have the answers too. According to Matthew 6, I will paraphrase concerning the scriptures about Do not worry about tomorrow, today has it own problems. Or how about who can add length to their height? Basically it makes no sense to drive yourself crazy over things you have no control over. Calm down, and Trust GOD.

Ahh the solution Trust in God. Faith in God. Our bible study for a mobth or two was about Faith. Check it out if you want the study is from from Dr. Charles Stanley Intouch Ministries (Faith that Wavers). Great study on Faith and why we don’t have much of it. What did I learn? I let my circumstances get me unhinged. How is this going to happen instead of God I believe if this is in your will, it shall be done.

Be careful with “If” just came across a “Of you can do Jesus”. A man’s son was suffering from a demonic spirit. The disciples could not heal him causing Jesus to call out his own followers for their lack of faith. The father said if you can have mercy, and deliver. Jesus paraphrasing “Excuse you” IF I CAN” In other words you believe or not. Something to think about a lot of people healed were always told by “YOUR FAITH” are you healed. You have to have Faith, you have to trust in God. Back to the father and son…So the father agreed. I do believe, help my unbelief.

This part of Mark 9:24 always confused me. How can you say I believe but help my unbelief. Finally read a good breakdown on it. The Father was admitting he had faith but would need more. He had admitted to having little faith. Yes little faith is a thing. Jesus would address people by saying “Oh ye of Little Faith.” The dad admitted I have Faith but in case I don’t have enough for this work to be done, Jesus I need more faith.” Lord increase my faith.

I can use this man as a guide to overcome my obsessive worrying. Lord, in situations. I start out trusting you then, I allow my surroundings, and fears to create questions. Questions that I want to answer, to alleviate the fear but I can’t. So I worry and worry until I become bound, and heavy inside. Lord, before i allow myself to began to consider my thoughts of fear. I ask that you increase my faith. God, I know you are capable, you have come through before. So i do believe. Lord I ask that you grant me more faith, help my unbelief as I wait for your answer to manifest in time. You have already completed the work. Lord I thank you. AMEN

Do you constantly worry about things or people? What happens to you when you worry? If there was a way out would you take it? Read Matthews 6:25-34. God bless🤍

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